September 20, 2018

Stuff the Blue Goose to help those in need


MIO –– A donation event will take place Friday, Oct. 6, in which anyone can purchase or bring nonperishable items, toiletries and winter hats and gloves to fill Michigan State Police vehicles and help the less fortunate.Community Service Trooper Ashley Simpson has been coordinating the event, which is being hosted for the first time in Oscoda County.

“It’s an annual event here in Alpena,” she said. “It’s too hard to shuttle what we collect here in Alpena down to the other counties, so that’s why I’m trying to host it in the other counties. We do it at Christmastime in Alpena and we collect nonperishable items and toys, so I’m trying to hit the canned good sales and gear up toward Thanksgiving time and help people get food for Thanksgiving.”

The event will take place from 2-6 p.m. at Family Fare in Mio, but donors can bring items before that date as well.

“The businesses are doing drop-boxes prior to the event, so you could go in today and they’re probably going to ask you if you’d like to purchase something for the Stuff the Blue Goose event,” she said. “People don’t have to buy stuff at Family Fare, either. They can go to Dollar General and grab stuff and drop it off, too, and they can bring stuff from home. What we’re advertising for is the nonperishable foods, toiletries and the winter hats and gloves, because those are something that anybody can use.”

All items collected will be distributed to families in Oscoda County. Simpson said she prefers to keep donations where they were collected so that donors will know they are helping those in their community.

Food donations will be taken to the Emma Lowery food pantry and the Oscoda County Council on Aging while clothing and toiletries will be taken to Lydia’s Gate in Mio, according to Simpson.

While the event has not been hosted in Oscoda County before, Simpson said the MSP has hosted it many times in Alpena and has gotten great responses.

“In Alpena we tend to stuff a Tahoe and Charger at the event and I would say we fill them three times each in an eight-hour period,” she said. “It’s a ton of stuff. For the ones we’re doing in October, I’m kind of gearing things toward a Thanksgiving meal.”

Simpson said the MSP is looking for food items people may not think to donate, like stuffing, biscuit mix, pasta and soups that can be used for a variety of sides to a Thanksgiving meal, because while many would like to donate turkeys, potatoes and mixed vegetables, they don’t last as long.

“We’ll pretty much take whatever you give us but the key thing is to stress the (need for) the nonperishables,” she said.

For more information, contact Simpson at the MSP Alpena Post at 989-354-4101. Family Fare is located at 305 Morenci Ave. in Mio.


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