February 22, 2019

Oscoda County tax sale coming in August


OSCODA COUNTY — The county’s 2018 tax sale will have 13 lots up for grabs Aug. 13 at noon.

The auction will be held at Ellison Place in Gaylord. County Treasurer Bill Kendall said the reason it’s held there is due to the number of people who generally attend the event. He also said the venue has internet service good enough to support online bidders. He expects to see roughly 300 people at the event this year with around 80 participating online.

The parcels are listed with minimum bids determined by the amount the treasurer paid the municipalities for delinquent taxes, rounded to the next $100. The back-owed fees could include taxes, penalties and interest. Kendall said the interest assessed on the properties is retroactive to the time the properties went delinquent. He said the reason the properties are listed for a minimum fee is to get them back on the tax roll as soon as possible.

The funds from foreclosed property sales go into the county’s delinquent tax revolving fund, a restricted account, to reimburse the fund for anything paid out of it during that year. At the time of foreclosure, the treasurer pays municipalities for delinquent taxes out of this revolving fund, to make them whole during the acquisition process.

Kendall said there are multiple properties with houses or trailers on the lots. He said he expects a few this year to see particularly high bidding wars as they would be perfect for someone to purchase and flip for a profit.

Kendall said this year the auctioneer, tax-sale.info, is attempting to get away from cash transactions. He said the best option would be to write a cashier’s check out to oneself and sign it over to the auctioneer.

Details on how to purchase properties at the auction are available on the website tax-sale.info. The purchase price will be the high bid, the summer taxes, a $30 recording fee and commission paid to the auctioneer.


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