New planning commission gives update on county improvement plan


MIO — The counties first capital improvement plan since the reinstatement of the Planning Commission is nearly complete.

Planning Commission Chairman Kyle Yoder gave the Oscoda County commissioners a status update on the new plan at the May 8 county workshop.

Yoder said that plan is a look at all of the capital improvements the county hopes to make within the next six years. It is updated every year, with projects being removed or added as time passes. Yoder said while the county hopes to achieve everything in the plan, that isn’t always the case.

“First off, some of these things are like a wishlist,” Yoder said. “Some items we are applying for grants for. So if we don’t get the funds, those things aren’t something we can do.”

Commissioner Pat Kelly said he was impressed with what Yoder and the rest of the commission accomplished.

“Look at any of the other planning commissions’ information,” Kelly said. “All they do is take something from last year and bring it forward again, (the plan) doesn’t change. Kyle and the planning commission took this, dissected it, and did a fantastic job. It didn’t take them a year to do it either.”

Yoder said not only is the plan new, but the board that put it together is as well.

“In a way, this is an entirely new plan as the planning commission was re-established within the last year,” he said. “… I really don’t know the last time the county had a capital improvement plan.”

Yoder said the new planning commission is working together well, even though it isn’t fully staffed. The commission is supposed to be composed of seven members, but is currently at only five. Yoder said he believes this is due to the planning commission being newly reinstated this year.

Yoder said projects for the road commission, EMS, county sheriff, airport and public parks will all be included in the plan. He said currently the most important project on the plan is the construction of the new county building. The final version of the capital improvement plan is expected to be out by the end of June.


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