MSU Extension hosting first club since return to county in Fairview


FAIRVIEW — The Oscoda County MSU Extension has begun hosting events and clubs for local students, the first of which is a cooking class for Fairview area students.

Coordinator Laurie Miller said after surveying the students at both Fairview and Mio AuSable schools, she found one of the most requested clubs was for cooking. The six-week class began March 11 at Fairview Area Schools and will continue each Monday immediately after school finishes for the day.

Miller said she’s glad the students were interested in cooking, as it’s a practical skill that will help them outside the classroom.

“We want students to learn to cook various things because it is an important life skill,” Miller said.

While this club is first occurring at Fairview, Miller said once the six-week club has run its course it will be held at Mio AuSable Schools. She said she wants to ensure Mio residents do not feel as if they are being forgotten. She said both schools are equally important, and her hope is that in the future more residents will volunteer, allowing multiple clubs to be held at once.

Over the course of the cooking class students will learn to make a basic meal at each meeting. Her hope is that by the end students will be able to take those skills to their own kitchens. During the first class students learned to make jam and homemade biscuits.

“Our plan is at the end to have a class where (each student) brings in a special person to class and we’ll cook everything we’ve made so far for them,” she said.

The class is geared for students between fifth and 12th grade. Miller said it is open to any students in the county, whether they be from Fairview or not. Her hope is to bring in as many students as possible, including those who may be homeschooled. Pre-registration is not required, and students may take part in one or all of the meetings.

While the class itself is free of charge, to participate one must be registered with the county’s MSU Extension, which is a one-time annual cost of $20 per student. That annual fee will allow that student to attend any and all extension events at no additional cost. Miller said her hope is that the annual fee will not keep residents from attending the events. She said there are scholarships available for students to participate at a lower cost. Families with multiple children participating are also subject to a fee cap. That means once they’ve hit the annual cap for the year, all of their other children will be able to participate free of charge.

For more information on registration, the club, future events, volunteering or how to obtain a scholarship, call Miller at either 989-826-2427 or 989-848-7048. Those numbers are for her offices at Mio AuSable and Fairview schools respectively.


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