September 20, 2018

Mio NHS to host homecoming festivities


MIO –– The Mio AuSable National Honor Society is hosting a free dinner, activities, football game and dance Oct. 6-7.

Carla Rhoads, co-NHS and student senate adviser, said the NHS seniors were looking forward to increasing overall school spirit and participation with their peers.

“NHS and student senate shouldn’t just be about what they can get out of it,” she said. “And that’s important and looks good on resumes and college applications, but it should be what they do and leave behind, too.”

Mio student and NHS member Andrew Hager explained what NHS will be doing for this year’s football homecoming.

“NHS is in charge of setting up mock Olympics, planning it and deciding how we’re going to direct all the students and make it a fun, organized function,” he said. “We do it at the end of our school day on Friday, Oct. 6. We have all sorts of different games, an obstacle course, doughnut eating and different fun activities to kind of let ourselves loose before our homecoming game.”

A homecoming parade will take place directly after the school day at 4 p.m. and will be followed by the various activities and dinner before the game begins to keep the students localized.

“It would usually be the parade around 4 and then everyone would spread out and come back for the game or they wouldn’t come back for the game and the next day would be the dance, and so this is a way to keep everyone there and entertained,” senior Savannah Kaminski said.

Group members agreed that their intent in hosting homecoming was to raise school spirit, as senior year can be more difficult and busy overall.

“Since it’s only been a couple of years since I moved here, I really like school spirit and I’ve always loved it,” Madee Bones said. “This year being our senior year, it’s like it’s all slowed down and isn’t as fun as we would like it to be, so I think we’re really wanting to build that up and have a lot of school spirit. We want everyone to be involved in it.”

Hager said historically the school spirit and participation in school activities had been down, so with their senior year under way, they want to change that as a group and set up the school for success in future years as well to show Mio pride.

“There’s a lot less participation with going to our football games and I feel like it used to be something where a lot of people would show up, and now there isn’t enough people to fill the stands,” Tristan Willobee said. “We want the homecoming game to be exciting like ‘Friday Night Lights’ and we want people there and we want to see people having fun and cheering on the team, because that is a big part of homecoming. We want to bring everyone together for that.”

Last year, the NHS members had the idea of planning a free dinner for before the game but ran out of time, so the idea was reused a little differently for the festivities this year.

“When we were planning all the parade and everything last year we thought about a hot dog dinner after and it didn’t happen because we didn’t have enough time,” Angel Donnelly said. “So this year we decided we wanted something where we could invite people to come and have fun, especially for adults too. The kids have all these games, which parents can also do, but they mostly want to sit, and so they can have a meal this way.”

Donnelly said this year the dinner will be a pre-homecoming community pancake dinner right after the parade around 4:45 p.m.

“It’ll go as long as the activities are going,” she said. “That will be north of the concession stands, and after everyone will settle down we’ll have our football game.”

Homecoming king candidate Kaleb Clover said the NHS is teaming up to get the student body and even the community more involved in order to show pride for Mio.

“ I think we’re just helping the school overall and getting people more involved and getting more involved ourselves in different school functions,” he said. “In past years we haven’t done enough activities to get ourselves excited about the homecoming game. Like during my freshman year, I didn’t want to participate in almost anything but now this year I’m running for homecoming king. I’m getting excited about where our school is going and we’re invigorating the school spirit that’s been gone for many years.”

Each NHS member was assigned a different activity or game to run during the pre-homecoming festival to keep everyone interested and having fun before the game.

“NHS is always doing something every year,” Tommy Galbraith said. “We help with the blood drives and we hosted a Veterans Day assembly the last couple of years, and we’re always up to something to help people in and around the school.”

Thunderbolts football player and NHS member Garrett Rhoads said having a lot of support before and during the game really helps the team to focus for the win as well.

“Usually homecoming is the game where a lot more people attend, so when you’re playing it’s cool to see them there because it gives you more adrenaline and you want to win more because there’s more people to see it,” he said. “It’s great to see everyone there supporting you. It’s fun, and if we win it’s cool for the community, too.”

This year’s homecoming theme is “countries,” so the Mio seniors chose the U.S. and will be sporting red, white and blue and stars and stripes throughout the week and the day of homecoming.


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