Michigan Questers enjoy special visit to Steiner Museum


FAIRVIEW — The Steiner Museum opened early last week for a special event with the Loggin’ Wheels Chapter of Questers International.

The Loggin’ Wheels Questers, also known as Chapter 328, is located in West Branch and is part of an international group that has an interest in historical preservation and restoration. There are 61 chapters in Michigan with more than 1,000 members. The groups collect, study and restore antiques as well as contribute to historical preservation through fundraising and community service. For example, the West Branch group donated funds to re-roof the Robinson Cabin located in the Ogemaw County Fairgrounds’ Antique Village, and decorates the building on a yearly basis.

Chapter President Evelyn Delaney said the Questers love anything that has to do with preserving the past.

“We are into anything that has to do with antiques,” Delaney said. “We preserve them, donate to museums and visit places with them. … We have a motto, it goes, ‘It’s fun to search, and a joy to find.’”

Delaney said the Questers’ July 10 visit was a perfect example of what the group likes to do: visit historical sites, examine the artifacts and learn from the past.

During the visit, museum Director Norman Caldwell walked the grounds answering questions and telling stories about the antiques the Questers showed interest in.

Caldwell said the museum is hoping to find funding that will allow it to build an extension to house even more antiques it’s been taking in. He said the museum receives new antique donations on a weekly basis, and if it had a new facility it would be able to fill it instantly. He said the museum would like to build the new facility by the end of the summer.


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