McKinley Fire Department prepared for the worst with newly donated tools


McKINLEY — The McKinley Fire Department has been training for the last month in order to be prepared to use its newly donated set of hydraulic shears.

Department Chief Scott Lawrence said the eight-firefighter outfit received the equipment through donations from two other fire departments in the state. One donation came from the nearby Greenwood Township Fire Department, while the other came from across the state from the Plainfield Township Fire Department.

Lawrence said the donations included one ram, two cutters and two spreader attachments to use with the equipment. He said each of those does what one would expect from their respective names.

Lawrence said in most situations he will still need to contact other fire departments for assistance from their more advanced hydraulic systems. However, he believes having a set at McKinley gives the department the opportunity to react quickly to calls for help in the area. He said the more tools the department has at its disposal to save those in danger, the safer residents will be.

Lawrence said while he hopes the department doesn’t have to use them, his staff is fully prepared to do so in the case of an emergency.


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