February 23, 2019

M33 Access installing fiber cables for faster internet speeds


MIO –– M33 Access has begun to install fiber-optic cables in Mio and plans to offer faster internet speeds to residents once the Fiber to the Home project is completed in mid- to late spring.

M33 Access President and CEO Glenn Wilson said the company is building a main corridor through Mio, which will eventually be extended up and down each street to give fiber to the whole area up into Fairview. He said his reason for starting the project was to give faster service to the loyal customers in the community who have not had the opportunity to get good internet services.

Wilson said everyone in the area will get a 1.25 gigabit link to their house and it will not cost the users any more than what they are already paying for services. He said he believed having the option to use Fiber to the Home would increase the value in the community.

“There is no way businesses, whether they understand it or not, can compete without having a good online solution for their business,” Wilson said. “They need it in ways they don’t even realize sometimes.”

He said with businesses going to the high-speed networks, people in the area can’t compete with other markets unless they have high-speed internet services, and his company was willing to fund the project to offer solutions to connectivity issues.

“We can bring businesses to the area but they need high-speed services to do it,” he said. “We need an infrastructure that will take us into tomorrow, not leave us in yesterday.”

Wilson said by installing the cables in an underground network, the technology would surpass his own use and extend into the next generation. He said the backbone of the project will probably be completed in mid-January and then the construction aspect will begin in early spring of 2018.

Tech Support Specialist Justus Reimer said the wireless packages offered by M33 Access include download speeds of up to 1.5 or 5 megabits per second and upload speeds up to .5 or 1 megabit per second. With the Fiber to the Home package, download speeds would be 15-60 megabits per second and upload speeds up to 7 megabits per second.

Wilson said it is important to note to those whose yards and driveways may be under construction with the cables that his crew will be performing restoration, and if anyone has any complaints they may call the office at 989-685-3027.


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