Longstanding Luzerne restaurant changes hands


LUZERNE — A local restaurant has changed hands and is already seeing slight changes in its operations.

Husband and wife Bob and Gene Evans, with help from Bob’s brother Jeff, have purchased Ma Deeters. The purchase was finalized Feb. 28 after roughly two months of official discussion. Bob said he had been in talks prior to that, but was under the impression it would take much longer for them to take over the business.

“We’ve known the old owners for quite some time,” Bob said. “The old owners just wanted to be done with it.”

Bob said they aren’t planning on making any substantial changes to the business right away, but there are some minor things they would like to change. For example, the Evanses have opened the restaurant for an additional day each week, and are contemplating increasing operation hours even more in the summer. They are also planning to create a larger social media and web presence for the business.

“We’re not going to leap into any huge changes,” Bob said. “My wife and I have never been involved in the restaurant or bar business before.”

Although the Evanses don’t have much experience running a restaurant, they are both excited to embark on their new venture. Bob said his wife loves working with food and coming up with new recipes so she will be very involved in that. He said he will enjoy creating connections with all the residents who come through the door.


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Two Things: It is not a “longstanding” restaurant as the real Ma Deeters was burned down in 2015 after being a GREAT bar/restaurant and lodge since 1941. It was the largest commercial log cabin building east of the Mississippi. Secondly, it was very clear the “old owners just wanted to be done with it.” They built a new restaurant onsite cheaply. It is so plastic looking like a bad boob job. And they really have no business calling it Ma Deeters as Ma’s was a great BAR with room to dance and sing karaoke. Did a lot of two stepping there, pool and shuffleboard. It was so fun! And that great wooden bar. And wooden floors. Now it is nothing better than an antiseptic, no personality chain restaurant which is NO FUN to go to. Been going there all my life. Celebrated my 21st birthday there, my son’s 21st birthday, my bachelor’s party and many other great events. Guess what you’ve lost my business since 2015. If you’re not going to make it fun, then at least change the name. Ma Deeters deserves better!

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