Internal control analysis proposed for housing department


MIO — The Oscoda County Board of Commissioners discussed embarking on an internal control analysis for the housing department in lieu of an audit after current Director Cy Wakeley departs.

The discussion happened at the Oct. 13 board of commissioners meeting. Commission Chairperson LaNita Olsen broached the topic, mentioning there had been a call for an audit of the housing department after Wakeley’s departure. She said conducting an internal control analysis would be less costly than doing a full audit of the department.

Commissioner Jack Kischnick wondered if either of the ventures are necessary.

“I am seeing a large expenditure, in a year when we don’t have the funds for this,” Kischnick said. “How much additional information are we getting opposed to what (our current auditor) is already giving us? I need more information before I come to any decision on this.”

Commissioner Wayne Nutt said while he doesn’t expect any wrongdoing, it wouldn’t be a poor idea to do an audit of some sort.

“Cooper Standard just did an audit,” Nutt said. “It wasn’t to point fingers or anything. An audit does not always have to be a bad thing.”

Treasurer Bill Kendall was asked for input on whether this would be a good idea for the county to pursue. He said it could result in something beneficial, but it’s not guaranteed. He said the internal control analysis would provide suggestions from auditors on, among other things, where to put in additional checks and balances for financial security and transparency.

“It’s possible (the auditor) may come up with some suggestions if he were to look into one department more thoroughly,” Kendall said. “But he’s never seen major issues before.”

Nutt said it may be a good idea to at least get a quote for what this could potentially cost the county. Commissioner Pat Kelly agreed with him, saying a quote is free of cost.

Wakeley was in attendance at the meeting and spoke of how particular he had been about keeping the books for the housing department. He said he has completed a transaction-by-transaction spreadsheet that accounts for all money spent and taken in by the department. He said he has no issue with the analysis.

It was the consensus of the board not to make a decision at this time.


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