December 12, 2018

Grilling season is finally here


May is finally here. While Mother Nature has attempted to give us a little bit of warm weather over the last couple of months, the arrival of May means summer is just around the corner.

People who know me know that I am not exactly the manliest of men. When something breaks in my house, unless the solution to the problem is “breaking it more,” I just tend to contact someone who knows more about how to fix the problem than I do — namely anyone.

I don’t know much about cars, short of the fact that most in their proper condition contain four tires and a motor to power them, which in most cases is located in the front of the car. Should I experience car trouble, I will often do the “guy” thing and open the hood to inspect the problem. Truth be told though, unless some specific part of the car has burst into flames, or there is a big flashing arrow stating, “This is your problem,” all I’m really doing is confirming that the motor is, indeed, still there. Or not, but in that instance I am 90 percent sure I could point out the problem.

But one manly thing I do enjoy is something that I get to begin doing at this point in the year, and that is taking a slab of raw meat, heating it over an open fire until it is cooked to perfection and then eating it.

Yes, grilling season is finally here, and the month of May celebrates it, as May is National Barbecue Month.

I love a steak fresh off the grill. Or a hamburger. Maybe a bratwurst. Pretty much anything is better from the grill. I’m quite certain you could grill broccoli and it would be delicious.

Wait, sorry for that moment of weakness. Putting broccoli on a grill should literally be grounds for jail time.

There is nothing better than that first grilling of the season. There is just something about the taste of the first meal from the grill, seasoned perfectly with the flavor of whatever you cooked last that has marinated in the grill all winter long combined with burned spider parts, that just makes everything all right.

There’s something great about breaking the grill out in the backyard, throwing on some meat and tending to it while it cooks.

By tending to it, I of course mean kicking back in a patio chair and enjoying the smell from the grill and the sunny day, sporadically checking to make sure everything is cooking properly, but mostly doing nothing while my wife is inside thinking I’m actually doing something that could be considered “work.”

The best part about grilling is the cleanup. How do you clean a grill? Just burn it off. Simple. Easy. Just like it should be.

Yes, grilling is probably my favorite thing about the summer, but it is best in the early spring when it is still chilly outside and you can sit out there for more than five minutes without having 3,942,944 mosquitoes suck all of the blood from your body, leaving you as just one giant mosquito bite.

I would take this moment to encourage all of the men out there to get out and fire up your grill, but chances are you’ve already done that. And if you haven’t, your mouth is already watering from reading this, so no call to action is necessary.

And with that, I think it’s time for me to flip my steak.


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