2018 ends with no sign of construction beginning on new county building


MIO — The construction trailer has been removed from the site of the new Oscoda county government building, and there is still no sign of when construction will begin.

At the Dec. 11 board of commissioners meeting, chairperson LaNita Olsen said up until now one of the main issues causing the delay has been communication.

“Somewhere along the line between the third party and insurance there was a breakdown in communication,” she said. “We believe that is solved, and all back on track.”

Olsen said the communication issue occured when the insurance company brought in a third party to analyze the claims that Wolgast was asking for to pay for the construction of the building. She said she believes one reason the construction has not yet begun is due to the insurance company second-guessing nearly every claim that is brought to it.

“Insurance has come back and said, your boilers were not damaged in the fire, so we’re not going to replace boilers,” she said. “We don’t know what the full list of things they’re not going to cover. Every time we ask, they say it’s going to be another two weeks before that list is ready.”

Olsen later stated she believes the insurance company is attempting to get out of paying for the full replacement of the new building.

“Insurance is still under the mindset that they can make an offer and we will take it because we still don’t have a building,” Olsen said.

Olsen said she is unsure of when the county will have a concrete answer about when construction will start, or what will be paid for by the insurance company.


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